In the latest news from Honkai: Star Rail, there’s an exciting leak hinting at a significant update heading to the beloved “Forgotten Hall” game mode with Version 1.6. Since its launch, this RPG from HoYoverse has been offering diverse ways for players to immerse themselves in its world. Star Rail boasts various combat-focused game modes, from the adventurous Simulated Universe challenge to engaging encounters with Stagnant Shadow and Echo of War bosses across its realms. And now, a fresh update is on its way to the Forgotten Hall in an upcoming patch.

The Simulated Universe brings a distinct approach to experiencing Honkai: Star Rail with its randomly generated worlds. Meanwhile, the Forgotten Hall emerged as a familiar gauntlet for fans of HoYoverse, featuring escalating battles against increasingly formidable foes. It’s akin to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss, offering rotating challenges and special enhancements. In a previous major update in Version 1.2, the “Memory of Xianzhou” section introduced six new battles. Now, the ever-evolving “Memory of Chaos” challenge is expanding further with the next Star Rail update.

A recent leak, shared by well-known HoYoverse leaker Star Rail Universe through fellow leaker hiro420, unveils two new stages approaching the Memory of Chaos. These additions will bring the total to eleven and twelve stages, promising even more demanding trials for Star Rail enthusiasts. Moreover, completing Floors 11 and 12 will reward players with an extra 120 Stellar Jades. Speculations hint that the Memory of Chaos update might launch alongside Version 1.6, expected to arrive late in December.

Alongside the anticipated Forgotten Hall update in Version 1.6, another significant addition is slated for the Simulated Universe. The “Nous Update” is set to introduce a brand-new challenge mode to this popular game mode. Players can look forward to experimenting with sixteen new Curios, expanding the game’s offerings. Additionally, there are rumors of players receiving a free four-star character, with reports suggesting that the four-star Lynx from Version 1.3 might be available as a complimentary reward.

The upcoming update for Honkai: Star Rail will welcome three new characters into the game, accompanied by potential re-runs. Ruan Mei and Dr. Ratio have been confirmed by HoYoverse as the featured five-star characters in Version 1.6, while the much-anticipated Xueyi will join as a new four-star character. Alongside these additions, popular characters like Blade and Kafka are expected to make a return. Version 1.6 seems to have a lot in store for every Honkai: Star Rail enthusiast, with its Simulated Universe updates, the revamp of the Forgotten Hall, and the introduction of new characters.

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