Some Destiny 2 players are feeling uneasy about the potential pricing strategy Bungie might adopt for the upcoming The Witcher cosmetics. As the Season of the Wish update approaches on November 28, coinciding with The Witcher crossover, fans worry about the trend of high prices attached to in-game purchases.

Past experiences, like the Assassin’s Creed crossover, saw players shelling out 2,000 silver ($20) for just one of three armor sets. Unfortunately, this trend continued with recent events, where single cosmetic items often came with a price tag of $15-$20.

Voicing their concerns across social media platforms, the Destiny 2 community has highlighted the issue, with a viral tweet from JpDeathBlade comparing the cost of The Witcher 3’s complete edition (including base game and all DLC) currently priced at $12.49 on Steam. This sharp contrast might translate into a similarly high price range for a single Witcher cosmetic in Destiny 2’s upcoming crossover.

While it’s not a direct comparison, given The Witcher 3’s age and ongoing Black Friday sales on Steam, it sheds light on the steep prices of Destiny 2’s cosmetics. Despite this, Bungie has adhered to these prices for a while, indicating that there’s a segment of players willing to pay for these items. The pricing for the upcoming crossover remains undisclosed, leaving room for a potential change in strategy.

Aside from concerns about pricing, fans feel this crossover might not align seamlessly with Destiny 2’s previous thematic updates, missing an opportunity for a more organic integration. Some find it slightly out of place as Destiny 2, a once-prominent franchise, experiences a slight decline in popularity.

Recent player count drops on Steam and Bungie’s earlier layoffs hint at a possible drive within the company to revitalize the game. Despite these challenges, Destiny 2 retains a dedicated player base, deeply engaged with its universe and gameplay. Bungie, having navigated ups and downs in Destiny 2’s six-year history, might reassure fans that this phase could be temporary.

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