The latest reveal from Fortnite brings forth the December Crew Pack, confirming the leak of an exciting new Legacy Set. This subscription service is a hit among many Fortnite players, offering incredible value at just $11.99 per month. Subscribers not only gain access to the Battle Pass without extra charges but also enjoy exclusive cosmetics, the Rocket League Pass, and 1,000 V-Bucks. What’s more, it’s a monthly plan that gamers can easily pause or cancel at any time to avoid renewal.

The Crew Pack has been featuring Legacy Sets as bonuses, with the recent addition being the Hybrid Evolved’s Legacy Set in November 2023. Lately, these sets have become a frequent perk for Fortnite Crew members. Unlike before, where they appeared sporadically, both November and October have seen Legacy Sets as part of their rewards, and it seems December follows suit.

Epic Games announced the Skull Scout skin as the highlight of the December Crew Pack. When hotfix v27.10 dropped, introducing Season 7 and Season 8 to Fortnite, it also unveiled additional game files, including the Skull Scout cosmetic set. Leaks suggest this skin will boast six different styles, hinting at its inclusion in another Legacy Set.

According to iFireMonkey, a trustworthy Fortnite source, the Skull Scout skin showcases six styles: the default Skull Scout style, the Elysian Legacy style, the Auric Legacy style, the Phase Legacy style, the Rimebound Legacy style, and the Cosmic Legacy style. Moreover, players can customize it by removing its hat. Alongside the skin, subscribers will also receive the Expert’s Bonebag back bling and the Reconner’s Reckoning harvesting tool.

Season renewals always present an ideal opportunity to grab the Fortnite Crew Pack, maximizing its benefits. Subscribers who purchase it before Season OG concludes receive the OG Pass in Fortnite for free or a full refund if acquired through a previous Crew Pack. Additionally, they’ll snag the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass upon its release. Those who subscribe before the December Crew Pack launch will enjoy both the Drakon Steel Hybrid skin and Skull Scout, while post-launch subscribers will receive Skull Scout and the January Crew Pack’s featured skin.

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