NetherRealm Studios has spilled the tea on the release plans for Mortal Kombat 1’s first Kombat Pack, giving us the lowdown on when each character will make their grand entrance.

First up, the much-anticipated Omni-Man is set to join the fray in November, bringing his impressive moveset to the game. But wait, there’s more! NetherRealm didn’t stop there. They dropped a press release after the Omni-Man trailer, giving us the scoop on the release windows for the rest of the DLC crew, plus some juicy details on surprise appearances.

Let’s dive into the roster, because that’s where the real action is. Quan Chi is next in line, slated for a “Winter 2023/2024” release. Following closely is Peacemaker, also listed for a “Winter 2023/2024” release, but likely coming after Quan Chi based on the reveal trailer lineup. Moving into “Spring 2024,” get ready for Ermac and Homelander, aligning with the upcoming season of The Boys. Although both are tagged as “Spring,” it’s safe to assume Homelander will swoop in after Ermac, especially since we’re still in the dark about Anthony Starr lending his voice.

Last but definitely not least, our standout star, Takeda, is marked for a “Summer 2024” debut. It might seem a bit peculiar that Takeda is bringing up the rear, given his placement in the reveal trailer. But it all adds up when you consider Warner Bros.’ strategy to sync Homelander’s release with The Boys’ buzz. Tough times for us diehard Takahashi fans, huh?

Oh, and guess what? The press release also confirmed five new Kameo fighters! Tremor, as revealed in the Omni-Man trailer, will be joined by Ferra, Janet Cage, Khameleon, and Mavado. Fun fact: Janet Cage was initially rumored to be Johnny Cage, but it seems like there was a clever switcheroo along the way.

Get ready for an epic showdown, folks! Mortal Kombat 1’s first Kombat Pack is about to take us on one wild ride.

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