A fresh leak from Honkai: Star Rail has just unveiled the intricate abilities of Ruan Mei’s signature Light Cone, set to debut alongside the coveted five-star character in Version 1.6. HoYoverse’s thrilling sci-fi RPG boasts a diverse roster of characters, and the sought-after Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail serve as valuable resources akin to Genshin Impact’s weapons, offering stats and unique buffs tailored to individual playstyles. Now, a sneak peek into the abilities of the game’s upcoming character has thrilled fans.

In the upcoming Version 1.6, Ruan Mei emerges as one of the featured five-star characters, already making appearances within in-game narratives as a member of the Genius Society, linked to playable character Herta. Ruan Mei’s involvement in the creation of the Simulated Universe, alongside the heavily rumored character Screwllum, has fueled excitement among players. The latest leak now sheds light on the unique attributes of her anticipated five-star Light Cone.

Freshly added to Honkai: Star Rail’s “Hakushin” leak database, details of Ruan Mei’s signature Light Cone have surfaced. This exceptional Light Cone will bestow a substantial 60% Break Effect boost to Harmony characters using it. Beyond this, it offers a powerful synergy with the user’s Ultimate, enhancing allies’ damage by 25% post-ultimate use and replenishing a Skill Point if the user’s Break Effect surpasses 150%. Moreover, it provides a strategic advantage in multi-wave battles, restoring 10 Energy for all allies at the start of each new wave.

Ruan Mei’s signature Light Cone appears to be a formidable asset for Harmony characters, aligning seamlessly with her distinctive playstyle. Early insights into her gameplay indicate a strong focus on the Weakness Break mechanic, with her skills empowering allies’ Weakness Break efficiency and speed. Her Ultimate not only reduces enemies’ Weakness Break resistance but also inflicts them with a slow. Anticipated to debut in late December with Version 1.6, Ruan Mei promises an exciting addition to Honkai: Star Rail.

However, Ruan Mei won’t be the sole addition to Version 1.6’s character lineup. Dr. Ratio, another anticipated five-star character as an Imaginary Hunt character, will join Ruan Mei. Accompanying them is the long-rumored four-star unit Xueyi, whose first appearance traces back to Dan Heng’s story in Honkai: Star Rail’s Xianzhou Luofu. Enthusiasts eyeing Ruan Mei in Version 1.6 may find her Light Cone a valuable addition to their collection.

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