Square Enix has recently announced the victors of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 14 Hairstyle Design Contest 2023, showcasing an impressive array of entries. Initially launched in December 2010, the MMORPG faced initial challenges, eliciting critical feedback from fans regarding gameplay and interface issues. However, a reboot titled Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn emerged after developers revisited and revamped the game, reigniting the franchise’s success and paving the way for subsequent chapters.

A decade since its release, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn continues to captivate a sizable monthly subscriber base. Square Enix ensures an engaging experience by delivering regular updates and patches every three months, introducing new quests, locales, and more. The anticipation for the forthcoming 2024 expansion, “Dawntrail,” remains fervent among fans, sustaining the momentum of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn despite the success of the 15th and 16th franchise installments.

To engage players further, developers craft enticing events and merchandise, such as the Final Fantasy 14 shoe line by Puma. Commemorating the game’s tenth anniversary, Square Enix initiated the Final Fantasy 14 Hairstyle Design Contest in July 2023. Enthusiasts worldwide were invited to submit custom hairstyles for inclusion in the game, with submissions pouring in until the August 21 deadline. The remarkable response led Square Enix to select 40 winners, each receiving a pair of Fat Cat Earrings for their in-game characters.

This contest echoes a previous iteration held in 2015, where winners had their hairstyles featured in Patch 3.1 of Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward, accompanied by noble barding for their characters. Unlike the earlier contest, this year’s event may see exceptional entries making their mark in the game.

The Final Fantasy 14 Hairstyle Design Contest not only fosters engagement but also celebrates fan creativity, providing a platform for expression and rewarding participants. As the 40 winners anticipate their Fat Cat Earrings, the prospect of their designs being integrated into the game adds an extra layer of excitement to their achievement.

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