The Sims 4 continues to delight players with its Sims Delivery Express, offering exciting new free content for all to enjoy. With an array of expansions, kits, and stuff packs, The Sims 4 caters to a diverse gaming audience, providing something for every player’s taste.

Since going free-to-play in 2022, The Sims 4 has welcomed an even larger community. While DLC packs offer extensive content, the base game itself remains engaging, with ongoing improvements from The Sims Team to enhance the experience for players, including those who exclusively own the base game.

The Sims Team introduced the Sims Delivery Express feature, a beloved addition that brings free, permanent content to The Sims 4 base game. The most recent delivery, received on November 14, gifted Simmers a delightful free curly hairstyle.

To acquire the new curly hairstyle, players can easily access the Delivery Express in Game Options within the game. By enabling automatic downloads in the Sims Delivery tab, players ensure prompt access to any free Create-a-Sim or Build Mode items introduced through Delivery Express. After completing the download, a quick game restart enables them to enjoy their new hairstyle.

Excitingly, fans anticipating more official Sims 4 content can anticipate the For Rent expansion pack. Set to release on December 7, this upcoming rental management DLC pack promises a wealth of new experiences. Players who acquire it before January 18 will receive exclusive furniture as a special reward. The Sims 4 continues to evolve, offering diverse and inclusive content for its vibrant community.

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