A long-dormant treasure in the gaming galaxy, the classic Star Wars real-time strategy game Empire at War, receives a much-awaited update, a remarkable 17 years after its original launch. Before the era of recent Star Wars titles like Battlefront and Jedi: Survivor, LucasArts ventured with different developers to craft games within the beloved Star Wars universe. For ardent fans of old-school Star Wars gaming, titles such as Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, the original Star Wars Battlefront games, and Star Wars: Dark Forces hold a special place. Nightdive Studios even plans a remaster of the latter for early next year.

One such classic gem, Empire at War, might have slipped off the radar for many. Released in 2006 by Petroglyph Games, this isometric real-time strategy game is set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Players command either the valiant Rebel Alliance or the oppressive Galactic Empire, engaging in battles across iconic Star Wars planets. Its expansion, Forces of Corruption, introduced the criminal Zann Consortium faction, new playable units, and a unique “corruption” mechanic.

November 20 brought the latest update for Star Wars: Empire At War and its Forces of Corruption expansion. This patch, detailed on the official Steam community page, enables both games to run on 64-bit systems, resolving previous memory issues on newer computers designed for 32-bit systems. Additionally, the update enhances multiplayer syncing, ensuring more stable online connections among players, along with several quality-of-life fixes.

Previously, when GameSpy ceased operations in 2014, Empire at War had its multiplayer servers discontinued, until Steam reactivated them in 2017, even introducing workshop support. Despite newer Star Wars releases post-Disney’s acquisition, Empire at War maintains a devoted community of players and modders. These enthusiasts have continued to enrich the game with fan-made content inspired by later Star Wars movies, shows, and games.

Now, players can relish Empire at War on modern 64-bit systems without encountering crashes or memory issues, thanks to this pivotal update. Seen as forgotten treasures of the pre-Disney Star Wars era, both Empire at War and Forces of Corruption stand as cherished gems among fans of isometric real-time strategy games set in the timeless sci-fi universe.

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