Minecraft Live 2023 was an absolute blast, and we’ve got all the juicy details for you. Brace yourselves for some major announcements!

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC
Get ready to embark on an epic journey from padawan to Jedi knight! On November 7, the Minecraft Marketplace will drop the Star Wars DLC. You’ll be mastering lightsaber combat and harnessing Force powers. And guess what? You’ll be rubbing shoulders with iconic characters like Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, Coleman Kcaj, Saesee Tiin, and Plo Koon!

Planet Earth III DLC
Brace yourselves for the Planet Earth III DLC dropping in 2024, brought to you by Minecraft Education and BBC Earth! It’s all about diving deep into the wonders of nature. The message is clear: we need to protect our planet so it can keep us safe. Just like the Frozen Planet II DLC, get ready for an immersive experience.

Minecraft Legends Updates
Legends is getting a makeover! New Lost Legends are on the horizon, like the Creeper Clash for Halloween and Snow vs Snout in December. But hold onto your blocks, because the December update brings in frogs, a piglin unit and structure, and witch allies who know how to sling potions!

Minecraft Vanilla Update 1.21
Mid-2024 will see the arrival of the Minecraft Vanilla Update 1.21, packed with amazing features! You’ll be crafting like a pro with the new automated crafting system called The Crafter. Redstone engineers, this one’s for you! Plus, get ready for trial chambers, copper bulbs, the mysterious Breeze, and a trial spawner that’ll keep you on your toes.

Minecraft’s 15th Anniversary in 2024!
Get ready to celebrate because 2024 marks Minecraft’s 15th anniversary! While we don’t have all the details just yet, you can bet it’s going to be one heck of a party!

So there you have it, all the epic news from Minecraft Live 2023. Keep those pickaxes sharp and your adventure spirit high!

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