Omni-Man’s roster of Brutalities in Mortal Kombat 1 is pretty intense, showcasing various bone-crushing moves like The Thinker, Behind You!, Coming Through, You Got Boned!, and The Klassic, a classic decapitating uppercut.


However, fans have unearthed a fifth, undercover Brutality, a twist on Get Boned! Instead of the usual head smashing, this secret move rips the opponent’s skeleton from their skin, muscles, and flesh, tossing it aside.


This hidden maneuver was discovered by MistahJ17 on the Mortal Kombat Leaks subreddit. They shared the steps to execute it: “The usual Get Boned! Brutality involves pressing down three times, but I did this while holding down L2 and R2.”


According to MistahJ17, to pull this off, you need to finish the match using Omni-Man’s F3 grab string. “Make sure to press down three times and hold L2 and R2 while doing so.”


In simpler terms, perform the regular Get Boned! Brutality while holding down R2 and L2 and tapping down three times on the D-pad.


It’s a relatively simple move, so anyone with the character can try it out right away without unlocking or leveling up anything extra. But discovering this secret Brutality raises an intriguing question: how many more are hidden?


Some players are reminiscing about past experiences, like Terrible_Ad_1897, who recalls a possible secret move for Sindel. Dataminers have also been exploring the game’s code for more hidden surprises.


In fact, TheThiny uncovered an entirely different Brutality in the code, but it seems there’s no way to activate it currently. “He also has a special mode, down back forward two, that will turn off your Kameo and turn you into Terminator from MK11 when he dies,” TheThiny explained in a follow-up tweet. Omni-Man might have even more surprises in store!

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