Amidst the buzz following the BlizzCon 2023 reveals, Overwatch 2 players stumble upon an unusual bug that temporarily confines them within an invisible space, making them vulnerable targets for the enemy team. The recent weeks have been eventful, with major announcements, including the exciting introduction of Mauga, a robust tank character set to join the game soon.

Mauga’s arrival, featuring two chainguns with distinct bonuses, a charge ability, and a unique damage reduction/healing mechanism, garnered considerable attention. Blizzard also unveiled more upcoming details, including a new PvP mode, significant changes to Battle Passes, and the promise of two additional Overwatch 2 characters post-Mauga. For those seeking collaborative experiences, Blizzard introduced a new 3-player mode called Hero Mastery: Gauntlet, incorporating Tower Defense mechanics.

Despite these positive developments, Overwatch 2 is not without its challenges, as some players encounter a bothersome bug that temporarily immobilizes them. Shared by a player named Acceptable-Dress-794, a video clip shows a Cassidy character awkwardly stuck during a Competitive match on the Colosseo map. The character appears frozen in a peculiar pose against an invisible barrier, rendering them unable to escape while continuously triggering Cassidy’s roll ability. As the enemy team approaches, the immobile Cassidy becomes an easy target.

Surprisingly, this bug isn’t an isolated incident, as many comments reveal similar experiences. According to player accounts, the bug tends to occur in a specific 1-pixel location on the Colosseo map as players move over that particular spot. Suggestions in the comments propose removing the complex geometry in this area and replacing it with a flat surface. In the meantime, some characters with specific movement abilities, such as Lifeweaver or Mei, may provide a workaround to free trapped players.

Another concern plaguing Overwatch 2 players involves competitive matches against teams of bot-controlled accounts. The increase in AFK bots is disrupting matches for genuine players, causing frustration and drawing comparisons to the challenges faced in Team Fortress 2, a game with a historical struggle against similar issues.

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