A curious discovery in Genshin Impact has players astonished as Charlotte, the latest character, exhibits an uncanny attack range glitch. Part of the ongoing double banner featuring Baizhu, Furina, Beidou, and Collei, Charlotte has caught the attention of players with this unexpected anomaly.

Genshin Impact continues to expand with each update, often leading to players stumbling upon various glitches that, while usually harmless, can enhance the exploration experience. In the game, weapon types vary, with three designated as melee and two allowing characters to attack from a distance.

Among the ranged weapons is the catalyst, typically wielded by mages, albeit with exceptions like Wriothesley and Heizou, who prefer close combat despite using this weapon. The recent 4.2 update introduced Charlotte, a new catalyst user representing Fontaine, revealed as a well-known journalist from the Hydro nation. A Reddit user, cycber123, shared a fascinating video unveiling Charlotte’s ability to attack enemies from an unusually extended distance beyond her typical range.

According to the Redditor, triggering this glitch involves using Charlotte’s 3rd Normal Attack on an enemy and then targeting a plant like the Mist Flower. In their comments, cycber123 mentioned experimenting with this in co-op mode, enabling Charlotte to strike enemies in Sumeru while positioned in Mondstadt.

The glitch has piqued the community’s interest, with many expressing a desire to try it before any potential fix by HoYoverse. On the battlefield, Charlotte typically serves as a healer or sub-DPS, relying on energy accumulation for healing yet surprising fans with her proficiency in the support role.

Like most Cryo characters, Charlotte thrives in team compositions that revolve around Frozen and Melt reactions. For her weaponry, players are recommended to equip this four-star character with the Skyward Atlas catalyst, offering decent synergy with her abilities.

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