In a recent milestone, Fortnite’s Save the World game mode has surged to an all-time high in active players, prompting speculation about Epic Games’ commitment to its future. Originally envisioned as the primary game mode, Save the World faced challenges gaining popularity, especially compared to the overwhelmingly successful Battle Royale counterpart.


As Fortnite Battle Royale captured global attention, Epic Games shifted its focus, leaving Save the World players feeling neglected and disappointed. Recent changes, such as the removal of V-Bucks earnings for Founders, further fueled discontent among the dedicated Save the World community.


On November 12, Fortnite Save the World witnessed a significant peak with over 50,000 active players. This surge aligns with the Season OG release, which also saw Battle Royale breaking its player count record the previous week. The season’s appeal has drawn back both active and returning players, with many choosing to reexplore the Save the World mode.


This uptick in interest has sparked optimism among Save the World enthusiasts, who hope for a renewed focus from Epic Games. Fortnite is more than just Battle Royale and Creative modes, and this resurgence suggests a potential revival for Save the World.


Despite the game mode’s initial promise of going free after Fortnite left early access, the plans changed, and Save the World now requires a purchase. Available on the Epic Games Store and other platforms for $18.49 as part of the Untask’d Courier Pack, players are once again investing in the classic PvE experience. As the community continues to grow, the hope remains that Epic Games will prioritize and enhance the Save the World experience for all its dedicated players.

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