Hints of a soccer-based digital card game from EA have surfaced through a recent patent. While EA titles such as NHL, FIFA, and Madden NFL have integrated digital cards within their Ultimate Team features, this potential new game seems set to offer a fresh take on the concept.

EA’s long legacy includes annual releases of NHL, FIFA, and Madden NFL games, spotlighting player rosters that mirror the current year’s lineup, represented through digital cards. These cards, obtainable through various packs, assign a player a rank based on their prowess in the respective sport. Though these rankings often spur debate among the EA Sports community, high-performing athletes tend to command stronger positions in Ultimate Team modes. Now, EA appears geared to introduce a soccer-themed digital card game, offering players a new arena for competition.

A recently filed patent by EA outlines a mobile digital card game centered on soccer. Players will draw cards featuring elite athletes from across the globe, assembling teams to battle on a soccer-like field. Each player will control a customized deck-based team, determining their progress toward the opponent’s goal based on the cards used. The chances of scoring will rise according to a card’s value, with specific combinations ensuring a 100% success rate. These cards are categorized as athlete’s cards, action cards, and effect cards.

The patent suggests that these digital cards will be utilized in a “battle,” implying gameplay differing from conventional soccer matches. The upcoming EA mobile game aims to employ skill-based matchmaking while allowing players to face off against CPUs. Given EA’s history with Ultimate Team modes utilizing card packs and rarity mechanics, this game might adopt similar gameplay elements. The specifics of acquiring these cards remain unspecified in the patent, hinting at potential resemblances to other mobile card games.

Despite EA’s comprehensive patent, the game’s official release date or confirmation remains uncertain. In the wake of EA’s discontinued FIFA games, this mobile offering might serve to retain the soccer audience alongside EA Sports FC. Mirroring Ultimate Team modes, this digital card game appears to enable fans to create distinctive teams composed of players from various league teams. While EA focuses on a soccer-themed digital card game, future endeavors could explore similar adaptations for NHL or NFL themes. However, as with many patents, the game’s actual realization remains a question mark.

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