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Tell us more about yourself and how you got your role in the server! 

My name is Hayami, and my role is administrator in Genshin Impact (Unofficial) server. Well, about my Discord journey, it first started
when I was nine. I was watching Roblox Youtubers building houses on Bloxburg, and I got a little bit curious when I saw them using Discord. I was never active at first.
Just when I turned thirteen, meaning last year, Sakura who is the owner of the Genshin Impact server she DM’d me to join her server. One day she asked in the chat, if anybody was interested in moderator roles,
so I tried applying. When Sakura asked if I wanted to be a moderator,
I want to add that I have never really moderated or managed a server before so it’s something that I really wanted to try. After being accepted as one, that’s how my journey as an administrator of the server begun.

“Something I really wanted to try”

How was the server 
last year and how is it now? 

I’ve put my soul in the growth of the server. I remember when the server was around 100 people, I posted a lot of affiliates for the server, and 10 partnerships a day. Then I would ask server owners to partner with us and also managed to create a network for the server, and I asked a lot of people to join it. I’ve also had to join a lot of others’ networks from other servers in order to make this happen. It’s a healthy way to essentially share communities with other servers without harming each other. We also sadly don’t really host any events because we don’t have any sponsors, but we have tried doing tea contest, which is a function in the Mudae bot in our server, as well as white board drawing events. You wouldn’t be able to find them in the server right now because it’s hidden.

Genshin Impact Server Albedo


do you deal with
someone who breaks the rules?

Genshin Impact's moderators want to give their members a safe place for everyone as much as possible. Therefore, moderators established rules and bots to help maintain Genshin Impact a highly moderated server. Moderators manually configured banned words in the bot such as cussing words or any words related to bullying, racism, 
and harassment. After configuring it, the bot will automatically mute, ban or kick a member who violated the server.  If a member, for example,
is spamming content related to bullying or anything that violates the server's rules, that member will get banned immediately. 

If arguments and/or dramas include racism, harassment, or bullying, 
we would politely ask them to take it to their DMs to prevent any discomfort or offenses to other members. Additionally, the bots record everything that happened on the server. These include a member who said banned words for bullying or harassing other members and got muted in the meantime. These will help moderators keep track of what is happening and will also help them get back to the case as soon as they're not occupied anymore.


“I’ve put my soul in the growth of the server”

Why is Ayato your
server’s mascot?

Everyone basically votes for it
and then the staff team shares the results in the staff chat, where we decided that Ayato would be the servers’ mascot. The reasons behind that is because firstly, we find him good looking. Secondly, we find the color blue quite aesthetically
pleasing. The one who was close to being our mascot this time around was Venti. How we do it is that we let the members vote for every two months to decide the next mascot. So, from now we would keep changing the mascot every two months according to our communities’ votes.

Genshin Impact Server Ayato
Genshin Impact Server Kazuha
What’s your
favorite team?

I would put Kazuha and then Keqing, Kokomi and Albedo. I have a fully electro-built Keqing as C2 and she is my main DPS, so I’m using her a lot out in the field. Kazuha is just insanely strong for a support to create swirls, and so are both Kokomi
and Albedo! My team apparently isn’t even strong enough for Abyss
and I only get up to floor 11. It isn’t good enough to get three stars on floor 9 and 10 either. It takes quite some time to get those stars, and if you are able to. That’s them for now.

“Genshin Impact server is open to all”

What characters
do you want?

When more updates come around there are two characters I’m really looking forward to: Collei and Kusanali. Kusanali is the Dendro archon, I think she is really cute and I don’t get why people hate her,
but she is adorable. To my eyes, I also think that Collei looks a lot like Ganyu. So, I’m definitely saving up!

Genshin Impact Server Collei


can join the server
and what is the process?

Genshin Impact server follows the Discord Terms Of Service, therefore anyone can join unless they're under the age of 13 years old. As for the process of joining our Genshin Impact server, the moderators simply require everyone who wants to stay to read rules and avoid violating the rules. Genshin Impact server is open to all and is a public server, so joining doesn't require a complicated verification process before a member can join. The server also has optional introductions and role-picking that may help members to get to know the newly joined members.

“It’s not that complicated”

Genshin Impact Server Black Hand Holding White Hand

Thank you for everything Hayami

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