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Why did you drop out of

university for the 
streamer life?


I was studying Computing & System Developments. It was a course that included things ranging from programming with Python/CSS to network and database infrastructure design/security. Honestly, the material they were teaching us was outdated and it was not going to give me the needed qualifications that have been stated at the beginning of the course and it wouldn’t have gotten me to where I wanted to be. Luckily, I also streamed at that time and it was going better than well, so I decided to drop out and take what qualifications I had already achieved from it. I didn’t really have any goals at the time other than just hanging out. I just felt like doing what I loved, which is something rare these days.

You seem really into For Honor!

What is it that you love about it?


I mean, it’s the only game of its kind out there! I can’t think of any other fighting game that includes MOBA-like modes or fighting systems like For Honor does. It’s a great game
and it’s one of the biggest earners for Ubisoft, microtransactions-wise.
Of course, there are a few problems with the game or a bunch of stuff that could still be improved, but it has enough player base and dedicated creators to stick with it until it is done with what’s needed. Because of For Honor, I had the chance to go to different events in Canada and Los Angeles for E3, and I held community streams from the main Ubisoft studio in Montreal Quebec as a guest with other creators. That game was basically the connecting dots for doing all these amazing things
and meeting up with such cool people! I even spent 300$ on shots one night with the developers
and other content creators that were there. Hell of a morning after that!

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"A completely blind experience and it was amazing"

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You only like sword-

fighting games?

It may sound weird but no, not really! For Honor was my first “sword fighting game” but I have always been a fan of the souls series. Elden Ring was my first souls game, I went into it without any information, a completely blind experience and it was amazing!
I beat it in 165 hours, 12 days! I was playing around 10 hours a day,
or even more! It was such an addictive game!

Why did you name
your PC Big Burtha?

The PC that I have built myself is top of the line and pretty powerful. “Burtha” to me sounds like a name that would belong to an omega independent woman, so I just ended up calling it that… Big Burtha!

DaddyLaw69 Streamer Set up

"They have found their ideal place"

What is the story
behind your logo?

My channel used to have a Viking theme to it, and I had the idea of setting a capital D & L back-to-back, flip it on their side and put a sword through it but… I ended up switching the theme of the channel last year to a more retro vibe. That is why I added a gradient and a synth-wave style background, and it worked! I’m also currently in the process of making
the sub-badges!

DaddyLaw69 Concert Purple
Where can folks
find your content?

They can easily find me streaming on Twitch but also Twitter and Discord where I keep everyone posted about my streams! I would be lying if I knew what kind of people actually enjoy my content as my community is a big mix of this and that. Although, what I can surely say is that whoever wants to chill or just hear the ramblings of some Irish fella in the background as they go about their day, then they have found their ideal place!

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Thank you for everything Daddy Law!


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