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Did you know that almost half of the gamers in Australia are women? But when we look at moms who love to game, their unique experiences often get lost in the numbers.

A survey in 2020 found that over 70% of moms play games every day, whether it’s on game consoles, smartphones, or computers. The report pointed out how it’s a good idea for game companies to think about making games that moms might enjoy, but it didn’t really dive into why moms game or what might be stopping them from gaming more.

We believe that some old-fashioned ideas about what moms should do at home might be getting in the way of them enjoying games. Understanding why moms game or don’t game is essential because it can help us understand how families work in today’s digital world.

In Australia, most of the household chores and childcare still fall on moms, and many of them also work outside the home. This leaves very little time for gaming, even if they’d love to play.

Believe it or not, there was only one study back in 2009 that looked into moms who play computer games. It found that people often think of moms as “domestic guardians” who should spend all their time with the family and not be “self-indulgent” by playing games. That’s not very fair, is it?

Even now, it’s still tough for moms to find time to game. Some games are fast-paced and don’t let you pause or save, which can be a problem for moms who need to look after their kids.

A recent study found that how much moms game depends on how they see their role at home. Some moms said they used to play games a lot but stopped when they had kids. Now they might play simple games on their phones because they can play for a few minutes here and there.

Some moms feel guilty about gaming and think they should only do it once everything else is done. They worry that gaming takes away time from their family or other responsibilities.

There was one mom in the study who was a real gaming enthusiast. She played action games daily and saw gaming as something that brought her family closer together. She thought parents, especially moms, should understand the positive side of games, like Minecraft.

Now, even though lots of moms enjoy gaming, it’s not something that’s talked about much in research or in the gaming world. We need to understand how traditional ideas about moms and their roles might be making it harder for them to enjoy games. When families play games together, they have more fun and feel closer. Games can also help reduce stress and anxiety, things that many moms experience.

If we want to really understand what it’s like for moms who game, we need to do more research and talk about it more. So, when you’re picking out a gift for Mom, maybe think about giving her the gift of time to play games, or even offer to join her in a game. It could be a great way to bond and make her feel valued.

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