Sony is dropping some cool news about a sleeker version of the PlayStation 5, and it’s causing quite a buzz! This new, more compact PS5 is set to hit the shelves in November, and it packs the same punch as the current PS5.

Sony didn’t make a big deal about it; they just casually dropped the details on October 10. But here’s the exciting part – they unveiled two slimmer PS5 models that will eventually take over from the current versions. In the US, you’ll have two options. The first one comes with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and costs $500, while the digital-only version, which doesn’t have a disc drive, goes for $450. This means there’s a slight price increase for the digital-only PS5 compared to the current $399 price tag.

Sony mentioned that the new PS5 is not only smaller but has also been “reduced in volume by more than 30%.” It’s lighter too! This time, there are four different cover panels that you can remove and switch out. The top panels have a glossy finish, while the bottom panels keep that sleek matte look we’ve come to love.

Here’s the really cool part: If you go for the slim PS5 digital edition, you can later add a Blu-ray disc drive. Sony confirmed this, and you’ll be able to get this add-on for $80 in the US. It’s a bit pricier than buying a new PS5 with the disc drive already built-in, but it’s a great option for those who want the flexibility.

Inside, the slim PS5 boasts 1TB of storage, an upgrade from the previous 800 GB available in the old models. Other than that, the internals seem pretty much the same. So don’t expect a massive upgrade, like the jump from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro. Sony mentioned that this new PS5 version will become the only one available “once the inventory of the current PS5 model has sold out.”

Get ready, because this slim and sleek PS5 is coming your way this November!

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