Amid recent changes at Bungie, Destiny 2’s highly anticipated expansion, The Final Shape, has been rescheduled internally to debut in the summer. Bungie has officially confirmed this adjustment.

Initially set to launch on February 27, The Final Shape will now premiere on June 4. Bungie explained in a blog post that the expansion “requires additional time to achieve the level of excellence we envision.”

In their statement, Bungie expressed, “The Final Shape represents the culmination of a decade of Destiny’s narrative and the shared experiences of Guardians worldwide. We aim to honor this journey by dedicating the necessary time to deliver a grander and more ambitious vision, one that we hope will be cherished for years to come.”

This delay has prompted alterations to the content schedule. Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish commences tomorrow and will continue until The Final Shape’s release. Guardian Games has been moved up to March, focusing on rejuvenating class-based competition. Additionally, three new PvP maps are slated for arrival in May.

Furthermore, Bungie unveiled Destiny 2: Into the Light, a content update spanning two months starting in April. Details about its contents are sparse, but it aims to “prepare players for their Guardian’s journey into the Traveler.”

The Final Shape, announced in August, promises to conclude Destiny’s core storyline since its inception in 2014. About a month ago, over 100 employees were laid off, reportedly due to declining player engagement in Destiny 2 and lower-than-expected pre-orders for The Final Shape, coinciding with a dip in player sentiment.

While Bloomberg initially reported on The Final Shape’s rumored delay, they also mentioned that Bungie’s upcoming extraction shooter, Marathon, might be postponed to 2025. Bungie has not officially confirmed Marathon’s delay, but the recent confirmation of The Final Shape’s postponement lends credibility to Bloomberg’s report.

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